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Questions/answers : New access control system

Bromont, montagne d’expériences is at the cutting edge of technology with a new access control system.

This system will allow us to make your mountain experience even better: with a single card, you can now renew your season pass for upcoming seasons, on-site or online. With your 2017-2018 card on hand, you can buy passes based on your needs and go directly to the ski lifts to enjoy the slopes to the max! (This also applies to day passes)


Here are a few questions/answers that may help you understand the implementation of this new system.

Q : What major changes would be made after the implementation of the new access control system? 

A : The installation of the new access control system will lead to four major changes:

  • Access control via control terminals on each ski lift.
  • End of picture taking at the beginning of the season for season passes.
  • Your picture will be taken at every gate.
  • Rechargeable card. Therefore, no need to go to Customer Service every year to renew your season pass. You will be able to recharge your season pass online.


Q : Speaking of access control, how will this work? Will I have to scan my pass every time?

A : The new system, called RFID, works by radio frequency. Each season pass will have an electronic chip with certain information, including the type of season pass purchased. When you arrive at the terminal, the verification system reads the data without contact. When the verification is done, the terminal will open.


Q : Will the system be installed on all ski lifts?

A : Yes! You will find control terminals on the 8 ski lifts.


Q : Is there a place on yourself where it is preferable to put the pass?

A : It is imperative to have the pass on you when you go through the control terminal. Just leave it in one of your jacket pockets on the left side. It is important to remember that this is a medium that reacts easily, like your cell phone or your credit card. You must therefore use it with care.


Q : Will the pass go in the laundry? 

A : The pass must not go in the washer or dryer. If it does, the pass must be replaced. Replacement charges are applicable.


Q : Can my cell phone or my bank cards interfere with the validation of my season pass?

A : No. The system is designed to do a reading by radio frequency. Interference is therefore unlikely. However, it is important not to have two season passes with the same technology in the same jacket (e.g. a ticket from any other ski hill or an employee card).


Q : How can you know the season pass belongs to me, now that there is no longer a photo? 

A : Your season pass will have an electronic chip with certain information, including the type of season pass purchased. Control terminals at the base of each ski lift will double-check that your pass is valid and identify you regularly by taking pictures every time you go up the ski lift.


Q : Will my name be printed on the card? 

A : Yes!


Q : Must I have a piece of ID with me at all times for verification when I visit the mountain? 

A : No. There will be regular identification on each ski lift. The system is equipped with cameras that will take a picture when you pass through the terminal. The ski lift clerks will do an ID check during your visits.


Q : Will this change lead to complications in terms of facial recognition of the member (change of cap, jacket, etc.)?

A : At the base of every ski lift, a picture will be taken on each of your visits. Then a regular ID check will be done by the clerk on each ski lift. The clerks will be able to check the validity of your season pass and your identification.


Q : Can I lend my season pass to a friend? 

A : No. The rules remain the same. The season pass purchased is valid only for its holder. Lending the pass to another person will not be tolerated and constitutes fraud by law.


Q : I already had my season pass printed for winter 2017-2018. Do I have to replace it?

A : Yes. It will have to be replaced with a new pass.


Q : I already had my season pass printed for winter 2017-2018. Will a new pass be sent to me by mail?

A : No, We invite you to pick it up directly at the mountain on your first visit.


Q : Must I go to Customer Service at the beginning of each season to pick up my pass? 

A : No. If you already hold a season pass, it will be rechargeable. You can renew it online, by phone or on-site.


Q : Since the pass is rechargeable, does this mean I won’t have to accept a rules and conditions of use? 

A : Adherence to the rules and conditions of use will be done on our website, by phone or in person. Every member or customer must accept the rules and conditions of use before his or her first visit.


Q : Must I pay an additional charge if I lose my season pass? 

A : Yes. The replacement charge as mentioned in the rule and conditions code of conduct.


Q : Will the implementation of the new system cause a rate increase? 

A : There is no correlation between the implementation of the new access control system and the rate charged for the products.

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