The Perfect Après-Ski

When your legs soften and the cold gets under your skin when you’re skiing, it’s time to go home and warm up. Like a little jewel hidden in the hollow of the mountains, BALNEA spa + thermal reserve welcomes you. Located a few stone’s throw away from the ski resort, visit it after your day on the slopes and treat yourself to a sublime moment of relaxation.

BALNEA’s enchanting nature is even more impressive in the middle of winter when the panorama is revealed as a large white landscape lined with trees and mountains. Relaxing under the snowflakes is a bit like not really leaving the slopes. The spa experience offers deep muscle relaxation in three stages: sweating in the heat in one of the saunas, Turkish baths or whirlpools, followed by immersion in ice water for a few seconds, and then finally resting in one of the many relaxation areas. The calm of nature, the crackling fire, the gastronomic menu, all the elements come together to spend a sweet moment after the effort. In order to recover more quickly, experience one of the many treatments offered by professional therapists, ranging from relaxing massage, to sports and various beauty treatments. BALNEA is the perfect place for an après-ski under the sign of well-being.