Exemplary Skier's Guide

In the context of COVID-19, the exemplary visitor prepares in advance for his outing to Bromont.


If he does not have a season pass, before his visit, he :


On the day of his visit, he :

  • Stays home if he or someone in his household has symptoms of COVID-19, or if he has been in contact with someone who has tested positive in the past 14 days.
  • Verifies the alert level of his place of living and plans his exit in order to respect the related instructions. For example, a skier who lives in a red zone may ski in an orange zone, but cannot take advantage of indoor food services, for example.
  • Consults the station’s website to check its alert level and to check what services are available.


He brings with him :

  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Two face coverings (one for inside, one for outside). Face covering is mandatory both indoors (from the age of 10) and outdoors (from the age of 3);
  • Warm clothing and extra clothes;
  • Tissues;


Once on site, he :

  • Reads the instructions posted at the entrance and on the site;
  • Respects the physical distance of 2 meters at all times;
  • Wears a face covering when entering indoor and outdoor common areas;
  • Privileges contactless payment methods;
  • Inform a staff member if he or she begins to feel symptoms of COVID-19 during the visit.


And above all, he doesn’t forget:

  • To enjoy its day;
  • To have fun;
  • And to create wonderful memories in spite of the particular context!