General information

Why skiing?

Last summer, we learned to discover Quebec from all angles. We gathered outside and kept our distance. Let’s do it again this winter… while skiing!


Conquering Quebec’s mountains

In Quebec, there are 75 ski resorts that, every winter, make an effort to allow you to hit the slopes. Skiing is a great way to see the country! Why choose Bromont? The answer here.


A circumstance sport

In these pandemic times, skiing is a sport adapted to move while remaining safe.


  • An outdoor sport that allows you to enjoy nature and fresh air.
  • An individual sport, but which offers the flexibility to practice it with friends or family.
  • A sport that promotes distancing. With equipment that measures on average between 155 and 180 cm, the distance between its adepts is natural.


Countering Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression affects a good number of Quebecers every year. Those who are accustomed to exile under the tropical sun will have a harder time making it happen this year. Studies show, however, that enjoying the great outdoors every day and being physically active can help ward off the winter blues. That’s another good reason to ski!


Skiing and snowboarding are sure to be the ideal sports to practice in the winter of 2020-2021. Never skied before or are you getting back into it after many years? No problem, our Ski School and its 250 instructors will help you get back on the right foot.


See you on the slopes!