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-2°C Clear
29°F Clear
10 cm 24 hr accumulation
4 in 24 hr accumulation
Trails open
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Slopes open
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We take care of your winter!

Updated on 02-12-2020 15:34:26
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We prepare the ski season!

The mountain is currently closed. In order to prepare for the season and for your safety, access to all our trails is prohibited.
Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


Alpine touring

Discover our 4 trails of alpine touring

A sport on the rise!

Climb the mountain differently with alpine touring and enjoy the most beautiful mountain landscapes. With different circuits for all levels, reach the summit at your own pace and hurtle down your favorite trails.

One day access

You must go to the Ticket Booth (Customer Service), Rental Shop at the Versant du Village or the Versant du Lac Ticket Booth to obtain your right of access. Free access for ski season pass holders.

Adult (13 y/o and +)
Child (12 y/o and -)
2020-2021 members

Trails schedule

Alpine touring trails are open 1 hour before the opening of the respective slope and are closed 1 hour before the closing of the slope. Please refer to the slope schedule.


The ascending trails ARE NOT PRATROLLED NOR MAINTAINED. For any assistance, please contact any employee of Bromont, montagne d’expériences. It is also possible to contact the patrol crew at 1-866-276-6668 #2842 during the regular opening hours of the resort, otherwise, dial 911.

Safety rules

  1. 1. A valid right of access is required to ascend the touring trails.
  2. Validate and respect the opening/closing hours of the ascending trails.
  3. Users commit to respect the mountain code of conduct.
  4. Only climb through the designated and marked locations for this purpose; remain visible and climb in single file. It is prohibited to come down in the touring trails at all times.
  5. It is prohibited to access the trails which are closed, being covered with snow and/or being groomed. Should you cross path with a vehicle (ATV, grooming machine), please remain still alongside the trail. Grooming operations require the use of a winch that involves a real danger, the latter being identified by a blue flashing light, and may be used everywhere in the mountain. DO NOT ENGAGE IN THOSE TRAILS.
  6. Ascent on the ski slopes is strictly forbidden except when signalled and authorized.

Mountain tips

  1. 1. Before leaving, make sure to be adequately dressed as it is often colder at the top.
  2. Make sure that you are in good physical condition and to have the proper clothes and equipment; bring a whistle, food, warm spare clothing, first-aid kit and a headlight.
  3. Do not climb alone; bring a fully charged cellphone; although the network is not available everywhere in the mountain – a knowledge of first aids is highly recommended.
  4. Do not leave any waste or trace of your visit. Be eco-friendly!
  5. Pets are not allowed in the trails.

Follow this sign to guide you in the trails

Bromont, montagne d’expériences reserves the right to invoice a minimum fee of $250 for any assistance requests made outside the opening hours and/or out of boundaries (outside marked trails).

The usage of the alpine touring trails is allowed under consideration of acceptance of the safety rules of the alpine touring trails as well as the acceptance of the risks involved while practicing this sport. The right of access is issued under consideration of your pledge to respect the safety rules to adopt in the mountain as well as all the rules and regulations in effect at the resort. In the event of default, the ticket could be cancelled and seized without prior notice nor refunds. The participant acknowledges and agrees to the involved risks of practicing any snow sliding sports and undertakes the sole responsibility for all material damages resulting from all risks and dangers. Be careful and respect the code. It is your responsibility!

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