Why choose Bromont?

The whole world will keep a bitter taste of the 2020 year. Here in Bromont, we offer you the opportunity to end the year on a high note and start the next one on a positive one

Why in Bromont? Here are a few good reasons!


Snow, even when it doesn’t snow.

With its 1500 snow guns, in Bromont, there is snow even when Mother Nature doesn’t deliver some. It only takes a few days of cold weather and the mountain turns white while the snow groomers are busy regularly drawing a beautiful corduroy that is very pleasant to ski. It is therefore a guarantee of many beautiful days of skiing!


Space. Lots of space!

With 450 acres of skiable terrain, 7 mountainsides and 141 trails, Bromont is a huge domain. It’s fresh air for everyone, plenty of space and distance.


The sun is setting. We are not!

Open a minimum of 13 hours a day, Bromont is the largest lit ski resort in North America. During the day, as well as in the evening, we await you at the mountain.


Close to everywhere. just far away enough.

Less than an hour from Montreal and Sherbrooke and 5 minutes from the highway, Bromont is ideally located to take advantage of a snowstorm, for a ski outing before work or to unwind after a hard working day! Easily accessible and just enough of a change of scenery.


The station that invests itself and invests.

Bromont is 1200 employees who invest body and soul to make sure that you experience beautiful winter moments, especially during this different period. It is also a resort that invests in its facilities to improve the experience of each client and to promote the creation of indelible memories. Enjoy a coffee at the Chalet du Sommet. You’ll see, it’s spectacular.


A guaranteed winter.

The current situation is unprecedented and worrisome. We are protecting our customers’ purchases with the Guaranteed Season and Interrupted Season programs: flexible purchasing terms and conditions with peace of mind as a bonus.


So, see you in Bromont?