Water Park and mountain activities

One season pass = so many benefits!

Because being a season pass holder at the Water park of Bromont, montagne d’expériences is more than just being able to come and have tons of pleasure with your family whenever you feel like it. It’s also having the pleasure to plan a day to your liking, here in Bromont.

Because it’s important for you to know that your season pass also allows you to obtain all kinds of discounts in the boutiques, restaurants, accommodations and even at the spa! It gives you the opportunity to discover the little piece of heaven that is Bromont. You will encounter friendly people who will welcome you with open arms, it changes the routine, but mostly, it promotes local business!

Because it automatically gives you discounts in the various service points of our outstanding site; at the boutique and restaurants.

Because you can subscribe to VIP activities that are being organized specifically for YOU! Either the first slides or the slides at night, let’s be honest here, they’re pretty amazing benefits.

Dear season pass holders, all that to tell you, amongst other things, that we love you, that we want to spoil you…and mostly, because it makes us happy to hear you laugh out loud, to see you smile and see you taking pictures of your crew while they’re enjoying the summer…you know, that season that ends way too soon?!

Because after all, happiness makes time fly faster, so please enjoy!