The mountain this week

The season is on!

Follow our teams and discover all the work done each week during the ski season.

Week of January 23, 2023


Our 7 mountainsides are open but the teams are still working hard on the snowmaking. We know you are impatient for the opening of the Montréal. It is under construction! You will also soon be able to check the Sudbury on the Versant des Épinettes and the Los Angeles on the Versant de la Côte-Ouest off your list of trails because they are under construction as well and will be opening soon!

Snow Parks

We have started snowmaking in the Calgary Park which will be under construction all week. All other parks are open! It will be the Nuit Blanche on Saturday and the Parc St-Jean will be transformed into a Lego thematic zone. Be there!

Alpine touring

Good news for alpine touring enthusiasts, 9 out of 12 ascent trails are now open! With snow expected at the end of the week, we plan to open the entire network for the weekend.

Come warm up because the Alpine Touring Challenge is coming up on Saturday February 4th and Sunday February 5th! For those of you who take the word challenge seriously, we’ve put together a marathon-like itinerary for you. If that’s not your style, you can also take a chance to win prizes because 1 trail = 1 chance to win!

Week of January 9, 2023


The teams are on fire after last week’s warm weather and the Snow Factory is operating at full capacity! Thanks to their expertise, we have managed to preserve our snow and we continue to open new trails.

Some people are wondering why we had to close trails during the thaw when they were already snowed in and you had already skied them. We explained here the reason why we kept the whales during warmer weather. Well, the second way to preserve the snow once it has been groomed is to avoid the passage of machinery…and by the same token, skiers. So it’s a tough decision to choose to close trails…but a happy day when all we have to do is blow new snow on the surface without having to start the whole snowmaking process again!

You’ve seen the weather conditions at the end of the week as we have. We are currently snowmaking in the New York, Cowansville, Seattle and Miami and will close the Factory on Thursday and reopen on Saturday.

If the weather is good, we will start snowmaking on the San Diego and Orlando this weekend. So the fun of skiing the back side is not so far away!

Have fun skiing!

Week of December 12, 2022

Snow parks

Great news on this storm watch! Our team is on fire and has started construction of not one but TWO parks this week. And they might even be open by the time you read this:

  • Thursday: opening of the park in the St-Armand
  • Friday: opening of a part of the Max Parrot Park

In total, a dozen new modules will be installed!

Also, due to the popularity of the temporary Brome Park, the team has added a module for a total of 4. Did we tell you that we love you?

Opening of the mountainsides and slopes

Get out our list of trails to check off (it’s here!), the Coupe du monde is open since Tuesday and the Bromont since Wednesday.

Next up: Victoriaville and Pente-école AND the Toronto-Pittsburg to go down the Versant du Lac this Friday.

Have fun!