Water Park and mountain activities

Exemplary Visitor's Guide

In the context of COVID-19, the exemplary visitor prepares in advance for his outing to Bromont, montagne d’expériences.


Before his visit, he:

  • Buy his ticket online and in advance to save up to 17% off the regular price.


On the day of his visit, he brings with him:

  • Hand sanitizer;
  • Disinfection equipment (e.g., wipes);
  • One mask/face shield per person (mandatory for visiting indoor common areas);
  • One picnic tablecloth;
  • Personal flotation devices (if applicable);
  • Sneakers (to enjoy our mountain activities).


The day of his visit:

  • Stays home if feeling symptoms of COVID-19.


Once there, he:

  • Reads the instructions posted at the entrance and on the site;
  • Maintains a physical distance of 2 metres at all times;
  • Wears a face cover when entering indoor common areas (mandatory for visiting indoor common areas as toilets and restaurants);
  • Favours contactless payment methods;
  • Notifies a staff member if he begins to feel symptoms of COVID-19 during his visit.


And above all, he doesn’t forget:

  • To enjoy its day;
  • To have fun;
  • And to create wonderful memories despite the special circumstances!