Water Park and mountain activities

Bromont Water Park : much more than water slides!

Don’t be fooled: your visit to the Water park won’t be summed up by only water slides and wave pool! Our entertainment team has worked actively to make sure you have an unforgettable moment.

The animation team of the Water Park has multiplied its efforts to make you live one (or more) amazing day.

You’re an early bird? Your chances are good to meet Lulu or Grizzly, the most endearing mascots in town. As soon as you arrive, they will be happy to prank with you or to pose for your camera.

In the Lagon pool, the Tarzan Lake or in the Activities zone, our animators are everywhere! Find them all day long in different places where they will challenge you. Will you dare to cry like Tarzan while diving into the lake? Will you take a wacky pose while falling from the Chariot de Cheetah? Will you be the first team to don the iced shirt?

Aquafitness, yoga, obstacle courses, water balloon, scavenger hunt…our animators have plenty of ideas to liven up your day. Set yourself apart at one of these activities and get the chance to spin our famous wheel of fortune. Maybe your day will continue with ice cream, a churro, a slush or a gift certificate in the hand.

Head to the new Activities area to participate to the animator’s dance and to take part in the guided activities.

If your hands are shriveling because you’ve been in the water for a long time, take a break and challenge your family in a giant bean toss, Connect 4 or Ker Plunk game.

Our entertainment team is on-site several days a week. Suggested activities are completely free so do the chairlift ride, the biking experience, the alpine luge and the hiking are.


Want an extra dose of adrenaline?

Try Divertigo!