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Birds of prey at the summit of Bromont

This summer, Bromont, montagne d’expériences offers you a high altitude trip accompanied by five impressive birds of prey.

At the top of the mountain, with a spectacular view of the Eastern Townships, get to know specimens that will delight in spreading their wings above your head and charm you with the demonstration of their prowess.

To present these shows, the mountain has joined forces with Falcon-Ed, the educational branch of Falcon Environmental, which has a professional permit to keep animals in captivity. This ensures that the birds are well treated.

Geneviève Zaloum, a sympathetic biologist who has been working for Falcon Environmental for over 10 years, told us some interesting facts about what goes on behind the scenes at these shows. We’ll share them with you today, but we won’t tell you anything about the show!


Where do the birds in the show come from?

They were all born in captivity. So they didn’t know the natural environment. However, they fly regularly and some work in airports, landfills, military bases or parks. It is also important to have captive-bred birds to educate people about the important role they play in the ecosystem.


How long does it take to train a bird?

It’s pretty fast. Normally, in 30 days, you go from being afraid of humans to free flight. Everything is done with respect for the bird and what it wants to do. There is no question of teaching it to interact with members of the public or teaching it to fly through a hoop.


Could a bird steal my lunch during the show?

Our birds have learned that food is given to them in small pieces, on the perches or on the glove. So they look for what they already know.


Could a bird attack me during the show?

Instinctively, birds of prey, even the largest ones, are afraid of humans. The only reason a raptor might interact with us is if we are too close to its nest and young. Again, that would be more like harassment and screaming. Physical contact between birds and humans is very rare.


How are the birds taken to the top?

Each bird has a box adapted to its size and needs. The smoothest and fastest way to get them to the top is… by gondola!