Mountain Biking

You won’t ever leave without it!

Hydration is at the heart of our health and well-being. We’re not reinventing the wheel, and you’re not learning anything new here, drinking water is essential.

Whether it’s to feel good, have beautiful skin, promote good digestion, avoid ailments, sleep better, we should adopt a healthy lifestyle and always carry water with us…well, most of the time.

Especially when we decide to do sports, whatever the level of physical activity chosen. If you’re well aware that you’ll do a physical effort that will involve sweating, a little or a lot, then let’s make sure to quench our thirst.

I had this discussion with some friends, who all enjoy doing sports, some more with their families, some prefer to do it solo and others like to be with friends, but we all came to the same conclusion, a hydration pack is THE best thing.


So, without further delay, here are a few features of the Thule Vital 3, 6 or 8 L hydration packs:

  • Hands-free hydration system: stay focus;
  • Comfortable and lightweight: let’s maximize the performance on all types of playgrounds;
  • The ReTrakt hydration hose: now that’s really nice, especially on a bike. Hands on the bars, eyes on the trail, save your energy and stay hydrated without having to slow down;
  • Low center of gravity: that pretty much means that you have an optimal weight distribution and that you have better chances not to lose your balance and not to have back pains;
  • Clearing of your upper back: because this is where we sweat the most during an effort, we clear the area and feel much better already;
  • Jersey-style pockets for quick access while on-the-go;
  • Cargo space for clothing, tools, food, cell, deodorant and your mascara (NOT! I’m probably the only one who takes her mascara pretty much everywhere I go);
  • Secure loops for a tire pump and shock pump.


Because Thule cares to join business with pleasure, whether it’s on a bike, on a hike or on the run, fast or not, take care of yourself

To find out more, it’s right here.