Alpine touring

This season is all about new, not only with the inauguration of the Express du Village, our new hybrid chairlift, but also with the opening of our very first alpine touring trails. You can now explore two trails of ascension at the mountain.


What is it?

The alpine touring is a new sport, allowing both the ascent of the mountain and the traditional downhill in alpine skiing. It’s the best of both worlds. With the help of climbing skins, adhesive strips fixed temporarily to the ski base, you can climb the mountain. Our trails, which are strictly reserved for the practice of alpine touring, are about 1 to 2 hours. It takes a few minutes at the top to dress warmly and remove the climbing skins from the skis. For the first time, it is necessary to provide a little more time for adjustments, stops and the transfer from ascent to downhill mode. In addition to benefiting from an exceptional playground, alpine touring allows us to discover the vast ski area offered and enjoy the quiet mountain. Also, you can practice this activity both day and night.


The necessary equipment:

This sport requires different equipment from regular alpine skiing. As the ascent requires a considerable effort, the athlete must dress lightly for the climb, but carry clothes adapted for the downhill in a backpack. You also have to get boots and skis that are specific to the alpine touring: the boots and skis are lighter and the bindings are different. We also suggest having a water bottle and snacks to make the day more enjoyable.


The initiation:

To initiate yourself, we suggest you to be accompanied by a guide or someone who is familiar with the sport. He will certainly be of great help and his advice will be invaluable to you. This year, we have organized several activities to put our new passion forward and allow people to discover it with us. Come back next year to see the program of alpine touring activities!


Access right:

It is mandatory to present yourself at the ticket booth, Customer service or at the Rental shop located at the Versant du Village or at the ticket booth of the Versant du Lac in order to obtain your right of access.

For the ski season pass holders, the right of access is free (you must get your right of access at one of the service points mentioned above).

For non-members, the daily right of access is 10$ for 13+ and 5$ for 12-.


Trails schedule:

The access schedule of the alpine environment must correspond to the expected opening hours. The touring trails are open 1 hour before the opening of the respective slope side and are closed 1 hour before the closing of the slope side.