Mountain Biking

News for the riders!

Whether to offer new bike trails or to refresh them; to upgrade our facilities to improve snow conditions next winter; to work the ski slopes, some sites are underway on the mountain’s field. Let’s update you on projects for mountain biking.


Good News #1

It’s the end of the deviation from trail 7 to 21 and it has worth the wait. Our team has done an outstanding job to create the most thrilling downhill final with two jumps and a new bridge! That’s not all! Wait a few weeks more and a new segment with a 35 ft tabletop, a wall ride, a step down and a triple will be inaugurated. These features will satisfy your desires of intense emotions while waiting to learn the fate of the Pont Vert.

Good News #2

Trails 18 and 23 will be open throughout the construction holiday. Closed on weekdays since the beginning of the season, they will be accessible on normal opening hours from July 20th to August 4th.


Good News #3

Trail 21 will have a new starting point shortly. From the Ski Club (Dirt Camp), located at the end of the Rue des Pentes, users will begin their ascent to the top in a new switch back route. This reconfiguration will allow more pleasant access to the Enduro circuit. 


Coming soon

With new mountain projects, trail 9 has unfortunately been destroyed, limiting the options for users of the M55 Enduro trail. Our team is currently considering the development of a temporary alternative that would allow us to join the lift 3. However, it is still too early to announce a date for this project.


2019 Novelties

Pending all the additions to the network, try our two new trails: 29 (difficult) and 29b (very difficult).


Our team is doing an amazing job for the trail maintenance since de beginning of the season, making bike rides even more enjoyable. Take a look at the team in action.