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With the ski season now over, our teams have already started preparing for the bike season.

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Actions that
see far ahead

Every day, we take action to preserve the environment around us. Our actions are as much environmental as they are social, cultural, economic, governance and ethical.


Big spring clean-up

On May 10, the entire mountain team mobilized for a major clean-up operation. Together, we succeeded in diverting close to 300 cans and bottles from the landfill. In addition, the 90 km travelled by our ATVs during the activity for efficiency purposes were credited towards carbon purchases from Carbone Boréal. It was also an opportunity for employees to bring back their uniforms in order to recuperate their textiles.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

We offer customers the possibility of offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions for their trip to the mountain. The option is suggested when purchasing online. All contributions are donated to Carbone Boréal and will be used to finance plantations located mainly in Quebec’s boreal forest, but also on parcels of unused farmland.

Addition of charging stations

Four new electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in the P2 parking lot.

Car-pooling zone

A car-pooling zone is in place in the P1 parking lot of Versant du Village. Around 128 places are reserved for customers traveling with 2 or more people. The area demarcated by green banners is very close to the reception buildings and the foot of the slopes!

Turn Off Your Engine Initiative

Posters have been put up at the drop-off point to invite customers to turn off their engines. Obvious for some, a little less so for others, our beautiful posters are in place as a little reminder.

A mini sorting center that recycles big!

A small bottle sorting center opened at the mountain in November 2021. Thanks to the Pleins Rayons apprentices who are now employed in the Hygiene and Sanitation and Food Services teams, we have managed to divert over 80,000 bottles from landfill. The returnable cans are then transported to the Granby IGA and the money collected will be reinvested in our sustainable development projects.

Furniture donation

The 3rd floor of the administration building is being renovated. So we took advantage of this major clean-up to give a second life to furniture that would no longer be of use to us. Initially offered to employees, some twenty pieces of furniture and office supplies were finally donated to 6 local organizations.

Keeping construction waste out of landfill

Our teams sort each of our construction materials with a view to recycling them. The Centre de tri de résidus de construction de Bromont then collects them to give them a second life. To date, our efforts have enabled us to divert 87% of our residues from landfill!


Free ski and snowboard lessons for Bromont residents

The mountain is offering free beginner ski and snowboard lessons to Bromont residents. Starting in December 2023, Bromont residents, young and old, who want to learn to ski and snowboard can do so in complete safety during 4 Première glisse lessons that will take place exclusively on the Pente-École.

Première glisse introductory courses are specially designed for people who have never skied or snowboarded before. It’s a 90-minute group lesson that also includes ski or snowboard equipment rental.

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Bromont, montagne d’expériences opens its Water Park to Bromont residents

Bromont, montagne d’expériences is offering free access to the Water Park for Bromont residents on three days this summer: Saturday June 17, Wednesday June 28 and Sunday July 9. This includes access to all aquatic facilities and mountain activities such as alpine slide, gondola rides, climbing wall, trampo-bungee, disc golf and slackline park.

In addition, the company will make its Water Park facilities available to Bromont residents for affordable swimming lessons for their children. Made possible through a collaboration with the City of Bromont’s Service des loisirs, des sports, de la culture et de la vie communautaire, the session of seven 45-minute lessons will be aimed at children aged 5 to 8.

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Free access to the Mont Soleil lift for Bromont residents

The mountain is an integral part of Bromont’s living environment and this action aims to ensure that as many citizens as possible can enjoy it. Resident skiers will have access to the Mont Soleil slopes from Monday to Friday, day and night, from Monday, February 27, 2023 until the complete closure of Mont Soleil in the spring of 2023 and from Monday, January 8, 2024 until the closure of Mont Soleil the following spring. Click here for more information.


Kéroul certification

The Water Park has received partial accessibility certification from the Kéroul organization, whose mission is to make tourism and culture accessible to people with restricted physical ability.

Welcome to the Centre de pédiatrie sociale Main dans la main

Two groups of young people from the Centre de pédiatrie sociale Main dans la main spent a day at the mountain and were introduced to the pleasures of skiing with our ski school instructors.

Welcoming the Bromont Garderies les Couleurs

On Tuesday, July 4, 2023, we graciously welcomed 4 and 5 year-olds from Garderies les Couleurs. The toddlers enjoyed the new slides, the Matelot and the Capitaine, added this year to the Moussaillons, right next to the Ile aux Aventuriers.

Inclusive hiring with Pleins Rayons

Bromont, montagne d’expériences stands out for its inclusive hiring, made possible through its collaboration with the Pleins Rayons organization, which promotes the successful social inclusion of young adults with intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders.

So that 100% of children aged 10 and under
have access to the mountain

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