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The mountain bike season has started! We are open from Thursday to Sunday as well as holidays. Have fun!

Updated on 02-06-2023 15:24:04
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Actions that see far ahead

Every day, we take action to preserve the environment around us. Our actions are as much environmental as they are social, cultural, economic, governance and ethical.


Big spring clean-up

On May 10, the entire mountain team mobilized for a major clean-up operation. Together, we succeeded in diverting close to 300 cans and bottles from the landfill. In addition, the 90 km travelled by our ATVs during the activity for efficiency purposes were credited towards carbon purchases from Carbone Boréal. It was also an opportunity for employees to bring back their uniforms in order to recuperate their textiles.

Free access to the Mont Soleil lift for Bromont residents

The mountain is an integral part of Bromont’s living environment and this action aims to ensure that as many citizens as possible can enjoy it. Resident skiers will have access to the Mont Soleil slopes from Monday to Friday, day and night, from Monday, February 27, 2023 until the complete closure of Mont Soleil in the spring of 2023 and from Monday, January 8, 2024 until the closure of Mont Soleil the following spring. Click here for more information.

A mini sorting center that recycles big!

A small bottle sorting center opened at the mountain in November 2021. Thanks to the Pleins Rayons apprentices who are now employed in the Hygiene and Sanitation and Food Services teams, we have managed to divert over 80,000 bottles from landfill. The returnable cans are then transported to the Granby IGA and the money collected will be reinvested in our sustainable development projects.

Welcome to the Centre de pédiatrie sociale Main dans la main

Two groups of young people from the Centre de pédiatrie sociale Main dans la main spent a day at the mountain and were introduced to the pleasures of skiing with our ski school instructors.

Turn Off Your Engine Initiative

Posters have been put up at the drop-off point to invite customers to turn off their engines. Obvious for some, a little less so for others, our beautiful posters are in place as a little reminder.

Addition of charging stations

Four new electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in the P2 parking lot.

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