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Water Park opening June 10, 2024

Season passes presale until June 30, 2024. The season pass also gives access to the Hisséo Adventure Park. See the season passes

Joining The Mountain Collective group

Bromont joins forces with The Mountain Collective, a group of 25 world-class resorts. See details

Mountain biking is now open

Season passes presale until June 30, 2024. See season passes

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Here we go for another great season of mountain biking!

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Detailed conditions

Policies and
General Terms

Guaranteed season program / 2022

In response to the COVID-19 situation, Bromont, montagne d’expériences has introduced a program to reassure customers wishing to take advantage of the best rates for the 2022 Mountain bike season.

The Guaranteed Season program offers all eligible season pass holders who for whatever reason, choose not to use their 2022 bike pass to request a full refund of their pass.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Have purchased a 2022 season pass before the opening of the bike season.
  • Not have used your pass in any way before the opening of the season.


There is no fee for the program. All customers who purchase a season pass before the opening of the season are automatically enrolled.

Refund: Terms and Conditions

  • The request for reimbursement of the season pass must be made by the season pass holder before the opening of the mountain bike season via the online form available to season pass holders.
  • The season pass must not have been used.
  • The “Bring a Friend” discount or other benefits must not have been used.
  • Refunds are available for any type of season pass (Unlimited or Enduro).
  • Parc des Sommets and CNCB options : A refund for this option may be requested as part of the Guaranteed Season program if the season pass has not been used. The request must be made prior to the opening of the Parc des sommets mountain bike season. After this date, no refunds will be given.

*Anyone who has applied for a refund on their mountain bike pass will be able to purchase a new one at the current rate once the situation has been resolved.

Season interruption due to COVID-19 / 2022

If the station must interrupt its operations during the season at the request of the public authorities, a credit program comes into effect for all season pass holders.


  • Be a Mountain bike pass holder for the 2022 season
  • Submit the request form before September 16, 2022.

How it works

The credit will be granted according to the type of season pass, the date of closure, and the number of visits made since the beginning of the season, according to the conditions in the tables below.

Before the opening of the season, the Guaranteed Season Program apply.

After September 16, 2022, there are no credits in the program.

Season passes: Unlimited & Enduro 

Season interruption date:

From the opening of the season to July 13, 2022
No use
1-3 uses
4-6 uses
7 uses and +
July 14 to August 13, 2022
No use
1-3 uses
4-6 uses
7 uses and +
August 14 to September 16, 2022
No use
1-3 uses
4-6 uses
7 uses and +

Terms and conditions

  • The number of uses is calculated since purchase. Ex: If the purchase was made between June 14 and July 13, 2022 and the season pass was used during this period, the number of mountain bike visits will be added to the usage of the season pass.
  • ” Bring a Friend ” and the fall gondola ride privileges each count as one use if they have been used.
  • If the closure is temporary, the number of days of inactivity will be added to the calculation of the credit amount.
  • The request for credit can be made as soon as the government decree to close the ski resort is announced. If the closure is temporary, requests will be processed at the end of the season or when a permanent closure for the season is announced.  It takes approximately 15 business days to process the claim.
  • A $30 administration fee is applicable. This amount will be deducted from the credit granted.
  • The Parc des Sommets and CNCB options are non-refundable and non-creditable.
Form of the rebate per person
Less than $ 600
BME gift card
More than $ 600
Refund on credit card

Ticket credit

A customer may apply the value of their day ticket to the purchase of a season pass under certain conditions. The credit must be requested the same day or the day after the visit by visiting the Customer Service Department or by calling during business hours.

Credit request - Moving or illness

A person can request a credit on their season pass if:

  • A medical reason prevents him from continuing his season.
  • If they move out of the province.

In the case of a medical reason, the season pass holder must provide a dated doctor’s note attesting to his or her inability to practice a snow sport.

In the case of a move, the season pass holder must provide dated proof of out-of-province relocation (e.g., lease, proof of employment transfer).

By completing the form, the applicant agrees to provide the required documentation and accepts all terms and conditions of this credit application program.


  • All requests must be made by the holder of the season pass.
  • The completed form must be submitted before the end of the season pass validity.
  • Acceptance or rejection of the request is at the sole discretion of management. A reasonable time for processing the request is to be expected (min. 15 working days). This delay applies from the receipt of the required information and/or documents.
  • The amount credited is calculated according to the use of the season pass.
  • A $30 administrative fee applies.
  • The credit is issued on a gift card valid on all Bromont, montagne d’expériences products if the amount is less than $600. If the amount is more than $600, a refund is made on a credit card.
  • The applicant can retrieve the gift card by going to Customer Service during business hours.
  • A mailing service is available. Charges apply.

Closings and compensation


In the event of a thunderstorm, all activities at the resort will cease for a minimum of 30 minutes after each thunderclap. No compensation measures are offered.

Ski lift stoppage

In the event of momentary stoppage of a chair or gondola lift, users may be offered compensation depending on the length of the service interruption. Teams on site will determine whether compensation is warranted and decide what type should be offered, if applicable.

Full closing

If imminent full closing of the resort is announced, provision is made for compensation based on the use of the single-day ticket. Users must go to the Customer Service counter to request compensation, if applicable.

Partial closing

In the event of partial closing of the resort, no compensation measures are offered.

Early closing

If early closing of the resort is announced, no day ticket refund is offered. A discount may be offered on the price of a future visit, if the ticket is purchased on the same day as the closing.

Exception: The holder of a ticket purchased online, upon learning of an early closing, may request a refund of that ticket in exchange for a discounted onsite ticket valid for that day.


The station will honour the value of an unused ticket from the previous season for a ticket of the same length and category from the current season. However, the customer must pay the difference in price, if applicable.

General conditions

All mountain users must approve the General Conditions.

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