General information

Why take a season pass?

It is expected that skiing and snowboarding will be THE winter sports. To make the most of your season, think about taking out a season pass.

Why should you consider a season pass? Here are a few good reasons!


A guaranteed place

In this period of physical distancing, the station made the decision to give priority to season pass holders. The number of tickets in circulation will therefore be reduced to make room for the most loyal clientele.


It’s cost-effective, in just a few visits

With a wide variety of season passes and particularly affordable rates, a season pass quickly pays for itself. For example, it takes less than 4 visits for Almost Anytime, Weekdays Max, 7-Night, and M2J season pass holders to make it worth it!


To make teleworking profitable too

Flexible schedules often accompany the new reality of teleworking. It opens the door to taking advantage of every snowstorm and allows you to start the day by leaving the first traces on the packed snow. It would be crazy not to take advantage of it!


Benefits in the local businesses

The city of Bromont is a gold mine. Good restaurants, charming shops, comfortable hotels… Live the Bromont experience to the fullest by taking advantage of the privileges that our partners offer to our season pass holders.


Some go to the gym, the more clever ones go skiing…

Why? Because even in the red zone, ski resorts will still be allowed to operate. This is also an opportunity to refine your techniques!


Being in a gang, without disturbing the public peace

The inventor of skis had no idea that in 2020, his creation would become ideal for practicing the trendiest of social conventions: physical distancing. Thanks to this sport which is naturally practiced far from others because of the length of the equipment, take advantage of your ski outings to see your friends. While you’re at it, save money by taking advantage of the group rate – 4 people and more – available until October 27, 2020.


So, see you in Bromont?