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Our actions for a sustainable future

Looking back over the past year

In November 2021, we embarked on a process to integrate our sustainable development actions into a strategic plan. The aim was to create a shared vision so that each of the teams involved would contribute to the realization and success of our plan.

Launched in December 2022, the plan has come to life in the past year thanks to the commitment of our employees and management, our customers, our partners and all our stakeholders.

We spoke to Carole-Anne Ménard, Director of Customer Services and responsible for sustainable development at the mountain, about this past year of sustainable development.

Every year, we already carry out a number of sustainable development actions. Why did we decide to make them part of a more formal approach?

We decided to embrace sustainable development with the primary objective of ensuring the mountain’s longevity. Our shareholders share a strong vision, which is to ensure the perpetuity of our activities and our environment, so that we can still enjoy the mountain tens and hundreds of years from now. In fact, I think our slogan Faire mieux, voir loin (Do better, see far) perfectly reflects our vision of sustainable development.


What were the main challenges encountered in implementing the action plan over the past year?

Everyone was inclined to work for sustainable development. You can’t be against virtue, that was self-evident, and we were already making efforts in that direction. I also believe that it’s integrated into the values of the majority of our employees. So I’d say that the main challenge came from our methods. We weren’t used to rigorously following what we were already doing in terms of sustainable development. We’re a growing company, our teams are agile and we’re used to implementing all kinds of actions and bouncing back quickly. But we hadn’t necessarily integrated the fact of taking our sustainable actions and setting objectives to improve. That’s one of the things we need to adjust to.


And what facilitated the deployment of our action plan?

The fact that governance is committed to ensuring that sustainable development is part of our values and our strategic plan. As a result, I have a great deal of support and attentiveness from my colleagues, who work together to ensure the success of our action plan.

What’s more, we have a project analysis committee, and there’s a desire for our projects to respect sustainable development criteria. The committee has therefore helped us, for each project submitted, to do the 360 and ensure that sustainable development aspects are taken into account.

I can therefore say that sustainable development is well integrated into our structure, and that’s extremely positive.


Are other ski resorts also committed to sustainable development? Do you work with them?

Yes, I’ve had discussions with mont Tremblant, which has been integrating sustainable development into its activities for over 10 years. Mont Orford is also committed to a sustainable approach, and I’ve often referred to their processes. Whistler is very inspiring with its promise of 0 tracks by 2030. I think it’s essential to help each other with these kinds of initiatives and to share best practices, as well as the challenges we face.

To this end, I’m a member of the sustainable development committee of the Association des stations de ski du Québec (ASSQ), and I’m also taking part in the Tourisme Cantons-de-l’Est cohort to obtain Green Step certification for Canadian tourist attractions.


What action at the mountain in the past year are you most proud of?

Our action on behalf of Mont Soleil means a lot to me. We now offer free ski season passes for Mont Soleil to Bromont residents, and I’m very proud that we won an Excellence award in the Community Involvement and Outreach category at the ASSQ annual gala.

We’ve done a superb job of raising the profile of our work in the community, and the success of this initiative is also down to our collaboration with the town of Bromont.


What is your vision for the future?

Sustainable development on the mountain will certainly grow. Organizations are becoming more aware of the issue, and in a few years’ time, the entire tourism industry will certainly be on board. I’m convinced that we’ll be able to position ourselves as a ski resort and tourist attraction that acts for a sustainable future. We still have some educating to do internally, but I’m confident that we’ll be able to do so in the future. I think we need to continue to value each and every small success we have, and continue to take actions that have an impact on our community and our employees.

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