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2°C Clear
35°F Clear
10 cm 24 hr accumulation
4 in 24 hr accumulation
Trails open
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The basic rules

Inverted maneuvers are prohibited in Québec.

Helmets are mandatory for all snow park users across Québec since February 1, 2007.

Always choose features that match your skill level, and know your limits.

Your approach, including your speed, balance, and pre-take-off stance, determine whether or not your trick will be successful.

Weather conditions
Weather conditions continually change throughout the day. Adapt your speed and stance accordingly: if it’s icy, the surface is faster; if it’s hot and sunny, the surface softens and slows you down.

The logical style

  1. Plan
    Make a plan before trying a feature or trick; your speed and stance directly affect your execution and landing. Visualize your trick before setting out.
  2. Observe
    Inspect features before using them throughout the day. Wait your turn and make sure that the course is free before you set out. Leave the landing area quickly.
  3. Take it easy
    Do warm-ups, start with smaller features, and progress according to your success. Choose maneuvers that match your skill level to stay in control. Take lessons to improve your performance.
  4. Respect the snow park & others
    Show the snow park and others respect, and obey the Mountain Code of Conduct and signs.
    Respect attracts respect!


To better understand the different steps in the execution of a maneuver, the action can be divided into four zones.


The approach is when you need to adjust your speed, balance, and position as well as visualize the steps for executing your trick.


Take-off is critical to landing your trick. Hold the right stance when you take off on the trajectory that matches the height of your jump.


This is the moment to let your creativity flow – keep aerial movement under control and always keep the landing area in your line of sight.


Feet first, land gently in the first third of the landing area, and exit the area quickly to make room for the next rider.

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