Today, Sunday, May 19

Water Park opening June 10, 2024

Season passes presale until June 30, 2024. The season pass also gives access to the Hisséo Adventure Park. See the season passes

Joining The Mountain Collective group

Bromont joins forces with The Mountain Collective, a group of 25 world-class resorts. See details

Mountain biking is now open

Season passes presale until June 30, 2024. See season passes

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Here we go for another great season of mountain biking!

Updated on 17-05-2024 15:23:07
Detailed conditions

Lifts opening

We are open all weekend to season pass holders and Apex multi-day card holders. P1 is closed, so head for Versant du Lac (P5). Thank you and enjoy!

See season passes and privileges

The mountain code of conduct establishes rules that promote the harmonious cohabitation of all the resort’s users and help reduce the risk of injury. It also applies to snow parks and the term “skiing” encompasses all types of activities practiced in a ski resort (snowboarding, telemark, etc.).

For his or her own safety and that of others, every skier must behave respectfully and comply with the Code and other rules in effect at the resort. Patrollers may intervene with a person who violates the Code and withdraw his or her ski ticket.

1- The Golden Rule: control

SnowPrk areas are designed to accommodate facilities and installations for the execution of jumps and other tricks, such as half moons and jumps. The Mountain Code of Conduct also applies in a park, in addition to other specific rules of conduct that may be posted at the entrance to the park. Riders must exercise caution, familiarize themselves with the area and use facilities appropriate to their skill level.

2- Priority to people located lower down

Yield priority to people downstream (below) and take a direction that ensures their safety. On the trails, the person up (higher up) has a clear view of the people below; it is their responsibility to manoeuvre to avoid them.

3- Clear the trails

Stop on a trail only if you are visible to people upstream (higher up) and if you do not obstruct the trail. To avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger, it is recommended to stop on the sides of the trails.

4- At intersections, priority is given to people located higher up.

Give way to people upstream (above) when entering a trail, as well as at intersections. Like a motorist who must stop at intersections, the rider must avoid cutting in the path of someone already on a downhill run.

5- Help the rescuers

If you are involved in or witness an accident, remain at the scene and identify yourself to a first responder. Whether involved in an accident or not, the rider must assist another injured person. He or she should also assist the rescuers in gathering the required information.

6- Authorized equipment and safety

Always use and wear an appropriate retention system for your equipment. The rider must use a system that, in the event of a fall, prevents his equipment from escaping from him, in order to avoid injuring another person. Examples include the braking system built into ski bindings in downhill skiing and the strap in snowboarding.

Your  gear must also include all of these elements:

  • 1 metal edge along the entire length of your equipment
  • 1 binding
  • 1 retention system or brake

Note that baby carriers are prohibited. Only one set of equipment per customer.

7- No drugs or alcohol

Do not use the lifts or trails if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances impair your faculties and ability to react quickly and maintain control of your manoeuvres.

8-Respect the signs

Obey all signs and warnings and never venture off-trail or onto closed trails. The operator will provide signage that will allow riders to safely navigate the mountain. It is therefore important to read and obey them. In addition, you should only ski in the areas that are permitted.

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