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What trails to ride in Bromont this week?

Week of October 10, 2022

It’s (almost) over!

  • The chairlifts are now closed but some trails are still accessible for those who wish to pedal. The ascent is done by the Grande douce (21) until the intersection of the Ribambelle (81) and the Rotule (88) which are also open to join the Parc des Sommets network. On the way back, take the Indécise (6 blue and 6 green) to go back down to the Versant du Village. These trails will be accessible until snowmaking begins. Enjoy them!

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Thank you for the great season and see you next year!

Week of October 3, 2022

  • La Veuse (57)

As announced last week, the team has finished the maintenance of the top of La Veuse. The loose rocks that were giving you a hard time have been removed and the section is nice to take you to the Versant du Lac.


  • La Sept

All summer long, the team has been working hard on the maintenance of La Sept. And it continues! We are currently working on a small section just past the Bike Park.


Finally, we will be walking ALL the trails to make sure they are A1 for the last weekend of the chairlifts.


Come and enjoy!

Week of September 26, 2022

  • The Sept

We’ve fought off the damage caused by the heavy rains of the last two weeks and now we’re back on track! The high speed section of the Sept is brand new and smooth. The team has reworked the whole thing! Ride it on Friday.

  • Extra-légère (5)

We’re doing a big maintenance on the Extra-légère with the excavator in the upper section, after the new sign. Be careful, it will be beautiful this weekend.

  • To come

After the top section of the Extra-légère, we will take the fork and work the beginning of La Veuse (57), direction Versant du Lac.

Finally, our trail maintenance team is thrilled with the work they’ve done this summer. Watch the video to learn more!

Week of September 19, 2022

  • General maintenance

The Bromont area has received large amounts of rain this week and we are fighting the damage it has caused. The team is working throughout the network to repair the damaged trails and perform general maintenance.

  • The Sept

We are also continuing the work in the section that starts after the Brome and goes to the bottom of the mountain so that you can have a nice end of the season!

  • Extra-légère (5)

Do you know the Extra-Légère? It is a 1.1 km intermediate trail on the Versant du Village side. Throughout the descent, technical sections of roots and rocks follow one another to finish the whole thing in beauty on a super rolling section. The trail starts at the intersection of the Grande douce (21), the Sept and the Beurre Épais (24). Come and try it!


By the way, HELP! There are only 3 weekends left to enjoy the lifts! Come and ride!

Week of September 12, 2022

  • The Sept

We know that La Sept is the favorite track for many riders. And we take care of it! The team is reworking the entire section that starts after the Brome to the bottom of the mountain. All the berms and the last two jumps are being reworked. This project is quite huge and mobilizes the majority of the team this week. You will be able to ride it on Friday!

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Week of September 5, 2022

  • L’autre (59 b)

We are taking care of L’autre and putting it back in shape for the enduro race of the Pittstop Series that will take place this Saturday. The team proceeds to a manual maintenance because we know it, all is in the details!

  • Rotule (88)

This is THE trail you need to ride in the next few days (plus the weather will be nice). We did a lot of basic maintenance, reworked the turns, removed all the soft rocks and filled in the break bumps.


  • L’indécise (6)

New! The team modified the course of the Indecise in the upper section. The change in the configuration of the trail makes it much more fluid. You might be less hesitant to try it this weekend!

  • Pilot project in progress

Our Patrol will be signalling the Sept soon. Take the time to read the sign at the entrance of the trail to refresh your memory on the meaning of the flags!

Week of August 29, 2022

  • Not to be missed

Our team will spend Tuesday and Wednesday working on the 2 stages of the Pittstop Series enduro race. See you on Saturday September 10th at Versant du Lac to cheer on the participants!

Want to learn more about the race? Click the button.

  • Grande douce (21)

The 5km trail is always popular with beginners who want to learn how to ride a mountain bike. We’re doing a general maintenance from top to bottom!


  • Banana Split (51)

A little follow-up on the new split that comes after the flat end of the Toronto: the section will be ready for the weekend! The changes made here, including a small bridge, will make the trail less steep for beginners. Come and see it!

Week of August 22, 2022

  • New pilot project

We’re trying out new obstacle markers to make your runs more intuitive and safe. Starting this weekend, flags will be installed just before the obstacles on the Kawabunga (56), Celle-là (59) and L’Autre (59b) and the progression zone A. It’s easy:

Blue = obstacles that roll down

Red = obstacles that need to be jumped

The flags will allow the riders to keep their eyes on their line while knowing what is coming down the track.

Come test this weekend!

  • Bromance (52)

Our team is done working on the old river gap and we can’t wait for you to ride the section! The rain of the last few days has postponed the opening a bit but it will be open SATURDAY AT 10 AM!

  • Ribambelle (81)

There aren’t many options to get to the Côte-Ouest lift on Saturdays and Sundays. We’ll take care of the Ribambelle! The team went in this week to redo the configuration in the lower section after the Connexion. There will be less turns and some small features are coming. Stay tuned!

Finally, several members of the trail maintenance team are going back to school and we will be on a reduced crew for the rest of the season.

Want to join the team?

Week of August 15, 2022

  • La Sept

Attention La Sept fans : work has begun on the high speed section! We are doing some general maintenance and giving the berms a makeover. You will be able to ride it on Friday.

  • The Kawabunga (56)

The team has almost finished the maintenance of the top of the Kawabunga. The berms were rebuilt with an excavator and the section is worth the detour! Take it by the Grande douce (21). It will be open on Friday afternoon.

  • The Banana Split (51)

Those who are used to ride the Banana Split know that they have to take a more intermediate level turn after the flat end of the access road. A new fork is under construction to make this section more accessible. The trail will go up into the woods near the Kawabunga. More to come!

Have fun on the trails!

Week of August 8, 2022

  • The Kawabunga (56)

The team entered the Kawabunga this week to rework the upper section and do maintenance with the excavator. Did you know that you can take this first intermediate section from the Grande douce (21) and then join the easy section of the Kawabunga and branch off into La Vabo? Try it this weekend!


  • Bromance (52)

Bromance enthusiasts will remember the previous river gap. The team is working on this section which is undergoing a transformation! We are reshaping the approach, a bridge has been built and we have some surprises in store for the outing. STAY TUNED!!!


  • Upcoming work

The maintenance of the Sept in the top mountain section and in the high speed section.  We will be entering the excavator to remove the break bumps and rebuild the berms. We’ll keep you posted!


There was very heavy rain on Monday in Bromont. We are also making sure to do general maintenance on the network to fill in the areas that were dug up by the rain.

Have a great run!


Week of August 1, 2022

  • La Vingt

We have decided to continue working on the new section of La Vingt after all your good comments! We closed it after last weekend in order to bring back the necessary machinery. We are reworking the berms near the entrance of the Bike park and we are adding dirt for a nicer transition between the old and the new section. You can ride it today.


  • The Grande douce

Notice to beginners and all those who like to ride the Grande douce (21) during their day at the mountain: we have done a complete maintenance. The 5.1 km of the trail has been cleaned, blown and leveled in several places.


  • The Extra Légère

 Since yesterday, we have been working on the bottom section from the Canmore ski slope. You will be able to ride it on Friday!


Finally, the trail maintenance team has been working hard after last week’s wind and rain to maintain the general maintenance of the network.

Have a great run!