Mountain Biking

Entre deux coups de râteau

Follow the work of our trail

building crew to kick off the season

Week of May 29, 2023


This week, in between 2 rake strokes, the team has installed a Pittstop container that will give you quite a drop to get out of Celle-là (59) and l’Autre (59 b). It’ll be ready over the weekend, so come and see for yourself at Versant du Lac!

We’re also working by hand to open the Dinde Sauvage (17) for the weekend. We’ve concocted a little change of route for you. Get ready for it!


Otherwise, the weather is still on our side for riding. See you Thursday from 4pm to 8pm and Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5:30pm.


Have a good ride!

Week of May 22, 2023


After the very nice opening weekend, what’s in store for you next weekend?


Between 2 rake strokes : the opening of La Vabo (60), part of the King (23) and the Bromance (52) completely revamped. We reworked it to make it even more versatile with flow changes and various modules including a new hip. Come and try it, the Bromance is THE jump track of the Versant du Lac!


It’s also on this weekend that we open the Versant de la Côte-Ouest. It’s worth venturing down this mountainside via the Ribambelle (81) or the Rotule (88) because the lift then gives you access to the Parc des Sommets trails that descend at the foot of the lift (the Hummus, the Shamouraï, the Litière du chaton, the Chaton bicolore and the Violence gratuite).

Finally, this Thursday, May 25 is our first bike evening. In addition to the Pittstop friendly race, the Express du Village and the Express du Lac will be open from 4pm to 8pm. The weather will be nice and not too hot, it will definitely be a great evening to ride late.

Week of May 15, 2023


This week, between two rake strokes, we hope you’ll be in good shape because we’re going to open on Friday with a big playground!


The trail maintenance crew is in the final stages of preparation and is focusing on quality (always better than quantity, let’s face it). They are finishing the manual maintenance of the Sept (7), the Berminator (9), the Celle-là (59) and L’Autre (59b). Except for 4 trails that will remain closed (the list is below) and the Versant de la Côte-Ouest that will open the following weekend, the network will be quite TOP NOTCH.


Expect also a new finish on the bottom of Celle-là (59) and L’Autre (59b). The team has rearranged the whole area to make the end more fluid.


As for the closed trails, we ask you to wait a little longer to ride the Slick (18), the Pikunefouille (25), La Vabo (60) and the Dinde Sauvage (17). The melting snow has damaged them and we need to give them some love.


Until then, we’ll be waiting for you on Friday at 10am at Versant du Lac for your first lift!

Week of May 7, 2023


This week, between two rake strokes, it feels like the beginning of the mountain biking season!

Last week’s weather allowed the trail building team to advance the maintenance for the official opening scheduled for May 19 and they are busy summer grooming (we have to redo all the berms that cross the ski trails and that we had to flatten in the fall to facilitate the passage of the snow groomers during the winter).

The lifts are still closed until the 19 but the team has worked hard so that you can enjoy, from sunrise to sunset :

– Grande douce (21)
– Indécise (6)
– Coulée douce (27)
– Monte en bas (28)
– Amuse-gueule (4)

Still not convinced to pedal to the top? The new Coulée douce will take you just high enough to join the Indécise and the new Amuse-gueule which, let’s face it, are perfect for a little early season warm-up.

See you soon!