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The biking season has begun! See you on the trails.

Updated on 27-06-2022 10:52:53
Detailed conditions

The Mountain Code of Conduct establishes rules that promote the harmonious cohabitation of all mountain bike trail users and help reduce the risk of injury.  Patrollers may intervene with a person who violates the Code and withdraw his or her bike ticket.

Mountain Bike Trail Emergency Points
Need help in the mountains? Locate an emergency point on the trail and contact us at 1 866 276-6668, ext. 2842. This will allow us to know your position, thus facilitating operations.

1- Always ride in control and respect your limits.
You must be able to stop and avoid any person or obstacle. Stay on the trails and modules that correspond to your abilities. It is your responsibility to be aware of the levels of difficulty and to choose your route accordingly.

2- Wear a helmet and adequate protective equipment according to your practice.

3- Check the condition of your bike or have it inspected by a professional before riding.

4- Do not ride if you have a physical disability, if you feel tired or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

5- Be cautious, module and trail conditions may vary.
Check their condition before riding them with confidence.

6- Respect the signs.
Stay on the marked trails and never venture into closed sections. Do not make any changes to the route or new developments without the authorization of the network manager.

7- Give way to cyclists in front of you. On two-way trails, give way to cyclists coming up.

8- Clear the path.
If you have to stop, do so in a visible and safe place off the path.

9- Help the rescuers.
If you are involved in an accident or witness an accident, stay at the scene and identify yourself to the rescue workers or other people present.

10- Use the ski lifts with vigilance.
Talk to the lift attendants if you are not familiar with the operation of the lift and respect the rules posted along the way.

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