Today, Sunday, January 17

From Saturday, Jan. 9th to Monday, Feb. 8th inclusively

Please note that the station will close at 7:30 pm every day during the period mentioned. The Ski School will be closed on Saturday and will contact you shortly if you have a reservation. See detailed schedule


Recent update on preventive measures. More details

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-2°C Possible Light Snow
29°F Snow
0 cm 24 hr accumulation
0 in 24 hr accumulation
Anticipated traffic
Data based on the traffic forecast for the Versant du Village.
(15-30 min)
(15-30 min)
(15-30 min)
Trails open
60/ 110
58/ 88
Slopes open
7/ 7
7/ 7

We are privileged to be allowed to remain open for the next few weeks. We count on our customers to strictly respect the sanitary measures. Don't forget to verify the new validities of your season pass before you travel.

Updated on 16-01-2021 13:24:04
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The Mountain Code of Conduct establishes rules that promote the harmonious cohabitation of all mountain bike trail users and help reduce the risk of injury.  Patrollers may intervene with a person who violates the Code and withdraw his or her bike ticket.

Mountain Bike Trail Emergency Points

Need help in the mountains? Locate an emergency point on the trail and contact us at 1 866 276-6668, ext. 2842. This will allow us to know your position, thus facilitating operations.

1- Access to the mountain bike trails is strictly reserved to season pass and day pass holders. You are required to carry our season pass or your ticket with you at each lift and to present it to any employee of Bromont, montagne d’expériences who requests it.

2- It is forbidden to ride a bike on the Water Park site. Please respect the signage.

3- It is forbidden to ride a bike on the ski trails, unless otherwise indicated.

4- Wearing a helmet is mandatory on the whole network.

5- Yield the right of way to any other user of the trail who will ask for it.

6- When crossing an intersection, yield the right of way to any user using a slower means of locomotion than your own

7- Slow down and show your presence a long time in advance, out loud, by approaching a user in the opposite direction.

8- Control your speed at all times and, when approaching a turn, anticipate the presence of another user.

9- Since the trails are not patrolled, never drive alone without your cell phone.

10- Use trails that correspond to your level of ability and circulate at all times according to your abilities.

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