Our Huski Club from the Inside

The philosophy of the Bromont Ski School, Mountain of Experiences, is centered around enjoyment. Isn’t that what should be at the heart of our days on the mountain? In addition to group lessons for children, our ski school offers a multitude of winter courses tailored to your needs and skill level.

Did you know that we also have ski clubs for adults? Similar to well-known cycling clubs in the region, you also have the opportunity to join a group that meets every Thursday evening for skiing. What’s most interesting is that our clubs are led by high-level instructors who offer you the chance to work on different skills every week.

Discover the reasons why Jean Tellier joined the Huski Club last season.

Bromont: What convinced you to join the Huski Club last year?

JT: I was looking for a way to break out of the skier’s routine (up/down…). I had heard about the women’s club, Clanche-neige (formerly Divas), and their approach seemed very interesting and innovative. Since there was now a mixed club offering the same approach, I decided to join.


Bromont: How were the evenings with the club?

JT: A theme was chosen for each session based on snow conditions and skills targeted for development, as determined by the instructors.


Bromont: What was the atmosphere like in the group?

JT: The class atmosphere was playful, participative, and non-competitive. There was a great spirit of mutual assistance among students and between students and the instructor.


Bromont: Were there skiers of different levels?

JT: Yes, the skill levels of the skiers ranged from intermediate to advanced, and the instructor’s approaches and expectations were adapted to each skier’s level.


Bromont: What did you learn?

JT: I was exposed to skiing situations that most skiers wouldn’t normally have the chance to try (courses, synchronized skiing, moguls, carving), all in an atmosphere of discovery and group enjoyment.


Bromont: What did you like the most?

JT: The joy of discovery, team spirit, and self-improvement.


Bromont: Would you recommend a friend to join?

JT: Absolutely!


Bromont: For what reasons would you recommend your friend to join?

JT: It’s an unconventional learning approach that develops skiing skills with a tactical approach (discovery through trial and error) and facilitates technique development, emphasizing enjoyment and mutual assistance.

Does it resonate with you? Follow in Jean’s footsteps and break free from your skier’s routine!