Frédérik Lépine

At Bromont, montagne d’expériences, we attach great importance to the personal and professional success of our employees. We are more than proud of our ski school instructor Frédérik Lépine who will represent Canada at the Interski 2019 which takes place at Pamporovo resort in Bulgaria from March 17 to 22. This international congress takes place every four years in some of the world’s most prestigious ski resorts and gathers the best demonstrator and ski instructor in the world. It’s the second time that Frédérik participates at this event, his first time was at 2015 Interski at Ushuaia, Argentina.

Frédérik isn’t just an amazing skier but is also a kinesiologist and personal trainer. He has been with us for the last 20 years and got his level 4 in 2001 by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. It is a very demanding certification that takes over several years.

In order to be selected for such a congress, Frédérik had to go through several stages: tests on snow including moguls, an expert ski downhill in a corridor and a ski demonstration at intermediate speed. There were also physical tests as well as teaching tests in English. The evaluations are done over two seasons.

After being selected, the candidates have several days of training where they learn to ski together and they prepare group choreographies. Skiers all share the same passion and are all leaders in ski teaching. There are 17 people who will go to Bulgaria, including 5 Quebeckers. With the aim of advancing the sport, each country will be able to demonstrate its ski techniques using choreographies, sessions on snow and presentations.


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Photo credit : Frédérik Lépine – Kinésiologue et Professionel de ski