Mountain Biking

Between Rake Strokes - 2024

Come back to this page often to find out more about the work carried out by our trail maintenance team throughout the season!

Wednesday, May 22 – We had a great opening weekend, and despite Saturday’s rain, many of you showed up on Sunday and Monday to enjoy! The whole team also went out riding and came back with a lot of feedback, which allows us to make adjustments to the work done in the past month to improve the trails. By Friday, we will also take the time to fix all the sections that were damaged by Saturday’s rain.

We are also getting ready for the first Bike At Night this Thursday. For the occasion, we are hosting a friendly race from the Pittstop series, which will take place at the top of Kawabunga (56), blue section.

Finally, the team and I were really happy to see that Phil Kmetz, a former DH pro, was at Bromont on Saturday and had fun on our trails. Check out the video he posted a few days ago if you still need to be convinced to come ride next weekend!

Wednesday, May 15 – It’s coming soon! Many of you have been asking which trails will be open for the first official weekend of the season. We’ve walked through the entire network with rakes this week and are really pleased with the terrain we’ll be able to open!

You’ll be able to ride a total of 17 trails starting on Friday. The trails that remain closed are mostly in the same area on the Versant du Village side. There’s still snow on the ground, and we’ll need to do some work before they can open.

By Friday, we’ll finish installing the Pittstop container at the bottom of the Versant du Lac and complete work on a section of La Sept (7).

The team is also completing a nice upgrade on Banana Split (51), redoing the entire trail in the middle section through the glades. This section will be even more accessible for those who want to get into mountain biking, as well as easier to maintain and less prone to rapid soil erosion in this area.

sentier de vélo

So on the Versant du Lac side, you can enjoy:

  • Banana Split (51)
  • Bromance (52)
  • Tuyau (54)
  • Kawabunga (56)
  • La Veuse (57) – partially open with the upper section
  • Celle-là (59)

On the Versant du Village side:

  • Amuse-Gueule (4)
  • Extra-Légère (5)
  • Indécise (6)
  • La Sept (7)
  • Berminator (9) – partially open with the upper section
  • Dinde Sauvage (17)
  • La Vingt (20)
  • Grande douce (21)
  • Bike Park (26)
  • Coulée douce (27)
  • Monte en bas (28)

The weather finally looks good and it’s going to be warm! Come and enjoy it!

Friday, May 10th – The official opening of the DH season is exactly 6 days away, and I wanted to take a few minutes to share all the work done by the team that has been pulling out all the stops for the past 2 weeks.

They first undertook a massive inspection effort, walking all the trails to catalog the necessary work. Prioritizing the importance of each task, they then cut down broken trees and branches along the trails, and they grabbed their shovels to repair damages caused by snow melt.

We touched on this a bit last week, but preparing bike trails within a ski resort also means that sections of trails need to be rebuilt each year. Think about the bottom of the mountain on the Village Side: the bottom of Grande Douce (21) and Sept (7) need to be redone because the turns and jumps were flattened before the ski season to facilitate grooming. On the Lake Side, we need to put back the Pittstop container and reinstall the structure. These are recurrences to consider in addition to trail maintenance!

So far, we’ve also inspected and repaired bridges and culverts, and we’re trying to rake everywhere. We’ll also blow all the trails to remove any remaining debris, small rocks, and leaves. In short, there’s no shortage of work!

I also wanted to mention that we want to close the trails as little as possible during the season for major work. That’s why we’re now taking the opportunity to work on the Sept (7) and the Banana Split (51). Please be patient 🙂

Otherwise, there’s still some snow on the mountain despite the milder temperatures, so we might need to use the mechanical shovel in certain areas next week!

See you soon!

The countdown to the opening of the lifts for the 2024 season is on, and we’re working hard on the mountain to get all your favorite trails ready. First of all, it has to be said that starting the maintenance of a mountain bike network at a ski resort requires some preparation, as we have to keep up with the melting snow on the ski trails! The undergrowth dried quickly this year, but we had to shovel out some areas that had received several cm of snowmaking to be ready for maintenance. The team removed all the debris left by the snow and then got out the shovels. By the way, the terrain outside the ski runs is exceptionally beautiful, and we can’t wait to see you ride.
To give you a foretaste, we’re opening the trails in enduro mode this Friday, May 3!
The weather will be nice on Friday and Saturday, so take the opportunity to warm up on these trails in preparation for the downhill season:
  • Amuse-Gueule (4)
  • Extra-légère (5)
  • Indécise (6)
  • Grande Douce (21)
  • Coulée douce (27)
  • Monte en bas (28)
  • Top Ribambelle (81)

Join us for the first action-packed weekend! See you soon!