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New pick up boxes

RFID and other expressions of the modern skier

Since November 2017, Bromont, montagne d’expériences has been using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology at all of its chairlifts. What does this mean? That the days of freezing your fingers on the metal hook trying to detach, fold and stick the disposable ticket are over. Skiers and snowboarders now get a reusable access card at the beginning of the season and can keep it to reload their next pass or ski ticket.

New this season

During the summer, the resort acquired pick up boxes. These terminals allow ticket holders and APEX card holders (sorry dear season pass holders!) to get their reusable card without going through the Ticket Office and going straight to the chairlifts. The goal of these pick up boxes is to optimize your experience at the mountain.

How to use the pick up boxes?

  1. Buy your pass online
  2. When you arrive at the mountain, go to one of our pick up boxes and scan the bar code on your cell phone or paper copy
  3. Note that all purchases from the same transaction will be issued at the same time
  4. Pick up your pass
  5. Put your card in your left coat pocket so that it can be detected at the chairlift

Watch Grizzly and Lola pick up their card.

Please note that season passes, tickets purchased through the Privilege Pages, tickets purchased from a partner (e.g. Costco or Maneige) as well as cardboard tickets must be picked up from a Ticket Office or Customer Service representative.

Then go directly to the chairlift.

Have fun on the slopes!