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The best stories from the Gagne ton nom sur une piste contest

In December 2023, the marketing team, including myself, launched the Gagne ton nom sur piste contest. The objective was quite simple: to create fun and different content for our social media while offering a unique opportunity to our customers: to win, for one month, their name on a mountain trail. We saw it as a kind of tribute to our most loyal skiers and snowboarders.

To enter the contest for a chance to win, mountain lovers were invited to fill in an online questionnaire and share their most memorable mountain-related stories. At the time the contest was launched, we had no idea that the 2023-24 ski season would be any different from the last few winters, and that the ups and downs of the weather would take its toll. Although it was a draw, my colleagues and I took the time to respond to some of the 6,000 stories we received.

Some were amusing and touching. Others are moving. Some are a tribute to the mountain, and others are simple but beautiful testimonies to the place the mountain occupies in our customers’ lives.

I’d like to share with you the stories that have touched us the most and that testify to a strong and meaningful bond between you and the mountain. These stories are also a balm for our employees who showed up morning, noon, evening, and weekends with a smile and the willingness to create a great experience for skiers, despite the challenging winter.

The Plaisance family

“Plaisance is the most beautiful surname in the world. It’s mine and also that of my two children, Marianne and my eldest, Olivier, who is cognitively disabled. Olivier managed to learn to ski at Bromont after several years of practice being held with a harness by his parents on a snowboard. So, it’s a real achievement, and we are very proud of it. Our favorite track to do as a family is the Brome. Our anecdote: Olivier loves going to the snow park. So, we would go there with his harness so he could do some small jumps. Possibly, his parents might have seemed like overprotective parents holding their child in a harness in the snow park… Marianne is a little wonder of the world and has always helped her brother. They would both be really happy to see their family name on a slope. And I think their parents would be rewarded for all the efforts made for Olivier’s success! Thank you!!!”

The Rakotomalala family

“We go snowboarding as a family (of 4) at Bromont every year for the past 5-6 years now. It’s a bit special for a family originating from Madagascar (where sand and beach dominate the territory). We love Bromont, and even though we live in Montreal, we go THERE EVERY WEEKEND. It has now become our winter way of life.

Our children, now aged 10 and 9, learned snowboarding at Bromont. This mountain belongs to us in a way; it’s a (significant) part of us that resides there. We even go there when it’s -20.

This mountain has allowed me to fall in love with winter, something I never would have thought when I landed in Quebec in 2003. This mountain is also our home. Thanks to you, every year, we look forward to winter and pray for snowstorms.

Even if I don’t have my name on a slope, it won’t change my love for this mountain. Thank you for existing.”

The Skorek family

“I am participating in your contest in honor of our dear friend, Martin Skorek. Martin had rented a beautiful condo and lived in Bromont, very close to the ski slope. And it’s thanks to him that we spent the pandemic winters skiing together on your mountain. Unfortunately, Martin left us in October 2022; he was 41 years old.

He lived at the bottom of the Versant des Cantons, and we would walk from his place to get to the ski lift. We would join him almost every week to ski together. Those were absolutely magical winters (my friend Alex had never skied before those winters, and I even taught him to ski on your beginner slope on Mount Soleil). When we finished our day, we would descend the ‘Calgary’ trail and ski or snowboard all the way to his place without taking them off, using the small wooded trail.

Martin loved living beneath the Bromont mountain. Every day, he would go snowboarding during his work breaks and return all energized, ready to tackle any task. And in the summer, mountain biking on your mountain was his passion.

Therefore, I would like to propose for your contest the name ‘Martin Skorek’ for one of your trails (perhaps one on the Versant des Cantons?).

We know that Martin’s energy will always be present on this mountain. And we thank you for all the beautiful memories we were able to create in Bromont.

*In the photo taken on February 9, 2022, Martin Skorek is on the left on the ski lift, followed by his friends Alex Côté, Sarah Boulais, Andréanne Martin, and myself.”

The Rochefort family

“I ski at Bromont with my father, also a Rochefort, who is there rain or shine, every possible day to ski. His only goal: to beat his annual descent record. I would be very proud for Rochefort to represent all skiing enthusiasts, of which I am one! I love Bromont for the diversity of its trails, but also for the incredible scenery at the top of the Versant du Village. I particularly enjoy the trails on the Versant du Lac, but I must admit to having a slight preference for the Bedford, where the curves and consistently impeccable conditions make it a perfect slope.”

The Béland family

“The Béland family has been skiing at Bromont for years! We often ski all together; cousins, aunts, uncles, boyfriends, grandpa, and the whole gang. We often laugh, saying that we are the Club Med of the mountain! When we ski with this wonderful big group, we dance in the lift lines, we talk about the best slopes and conditions to the tourists, and we make the most of our family sport. The Bélands definitely look like a vacation club. In short, we love our mountain, and we adore winter!”

The Chen family

“At the age of 5, I learned to ski on my first mountain: Bromont. Every Saturday, my parents would drive 1h45-2h to bring me to my ski lessons, and it’s on this mountain that I discovered a real passion for skiing. This passion led me to ski in the Canadian West and in the Alps, a dream come true! I choose Bromont because, in my opinion, it’s the mountain in Quebec where I have the most fun skiing with my parents and friends (especially during the Nuits Blanches) thanks to its 7 slopes. Also, because the people and the atmosphere provide us with a great experience. My favorite slope is definitely the Coupe de Monde. When I was young (6 – 7 years old), this slope impressed me and my dream was to ski it like a pro… so the first time I went down, it was on my butt! But hey, I got back up later. That’s why I would love to have my family name on one of the mountain’s slopes in honor of all the learning the instructors taught me and the passion for skiing that I discovered there. Bromont will always be an important mountain for me, engraved in my heart!”

The Massicotte family

“To me, Bromont mountain embodies much more than just snowy slopes: it’s the stage for exceptional moments. As a skiing enthusiast, nothing fulfills me more than racing down the slopes with my friends and my boyfriend. Among all the trails, Knowlton remains my undisputed favorite, offering incomparable sensations. However, these adventures are not without their mishaps: I still remember the day when I lost a ski in the glades. An experience that, in the end, added a touch of adventure and suspense to my day of skiing at Bromont.”

The winning family

The Langlois family

“We, the Langlois family, have been regulars at your ski resort for a long time. Your mountain is not just a place to ski for us. It’s like a second home where we’ve experienced unforgettable moments and where our best memories have taken root.

We would really like to immortalize our connection with this mountain by asking if it would be possible to name one of the trails with our family name ‘Langlois’. It would be incredibly special for us, a true mark of respect for the attachment we have for this place that means so much to us.”

Along with having their name on a trail for a period of one month, the Langlois family also received 10 ski tickets, a $150 Bromont, montagne d’expériences gift card, as well as the opportunity to ride in a snow groomer, participate in an exclusive First Tracks event for the Langlois family of Quebec, and ski for 2 hours alongside Olympic medalist Max Parrot.

Discover the announcement to the Langlois family that a Bromont trail will bear their name.

Relive the Langlois’ first tracks on a perfect February morning.

By Evelyne Déry

Marketing and communications advisor