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6 questions for Émile Bilodeau

I hear this isn’t your first show at the mountain. What’s your best anecdote or memory from your shows in Bromont?

It’s so funny! I kept saying “Merci St-Bruno!” into the microphone!


What’s the best reason for wanting to do a show on an outdoor stage, at the foot of the ski slopes, in the middle of January? 🥶

I move around a lot on stage! It’s what makes me feel the warmest in life. So it’s only natural that I do my shows outside to cool off.


What word would best describe your show on Saturday, January 20?



For our ski fans who have never seen you live, what song in your repertoire would you suggest they listen to before January 20?

J’en ai pleins mes skis

(Listen to the music!)

Are you more into skiing, snowboarding or none of these? Will we see you on the slopes before your show?

Yes, my girlfriend and I will be spending January 19 on your slopes.


Finally, do you have a special request for the gang attending your show?

Vote Québec Solidaires in 2026!

Don’t miss it!

Émile Bilodeau

Saturday, January 20

8:00 pm