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Hotel Project

The Project

The 120-room hotel will allow our clientele to stay at the foot of the mountain while having access to all the services of the resort during all four seasons.

  • Complex of 120 rooms with kitchenette
  • 40 million investment
  • Start of construction in spring 2023
  • Duration of construction: 18 months

Questions and Answers

Bromont, montagne d’expériences is committed to answering all questions that citizens send by email and to publish the answers on this page.

Please visit the French version to access the Q&A.

Q: Will the hotel project remove or decrease the number of parking spaces? If so, will there be a solution to keep or increase the number of parking spaces given the increase in visitors following the establishment of the hotel and the loss of space for the building?

A: The hotel project includes the construction of an underground parking lot to encourage the greening of the site and to compensate for the loss of space related to the hotel’s arrival. There are also plans to implement a shuttle system from our back-up parking lot on Bromont Boulevard (P4).

Q: Will the location of the hotel require a modification to the City’s water system in this area to provide all necessary services? If so, what is BME’s financial involvement in this water system modification?

A: The water supply for the hotel has been validated by the City of Bromont’s technical services.

Q: What public transit solutions is BME (Bromont, montagne d’expériences) committed to integrating and financing to support its development projects?

A: We are working closely with the City of Bromont to support the implementation of the public transit project.

Q: What investments/infrastructure does BME plan to make to integrate your future development with the cycling network, public transit and the existing road network?

A: This project also includes the development of a promenade and its greening that will facilitate and enhance the users’ journey from the parking lot to the base of the mountain. We hope to improve the signature of the entrance to the mountain. Access to the cycling network via parking lot P2 will remain accessible.

Q: What will it cost to park in the hotel’s parking lot? Any hotel usually charges for its underground parking.

A: This is not yet determined.

Q: How much will you contribute to the funding of the Bromont Blvd. Bromont, which is necessary due to the increase in traffic at your station?

A: As mentioned by Mr. Sévigny, Director General of the City of Bromont during the information session, traffic on Bromont Boulevard is an issue for the municipality for which several actions are planned on their part over the next five years.

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